Are You The Man…?

Are You The Man...?

A thought-provoking question from our Beloved Daddy G.O. Pst Adeboye yesterday night…..are you the man that God is using or the man that is using God?

Matthew 7v20 says
wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

….it is not a matter of how long you have been a Christian, it is not your position or title you carry in your assembly or whether you are poor or rich but the answer to the question is dependent on the VALUE of your sacrifice and LEVEL OF RISK you are willing to take for Christ.

In Romans 12v1, Apostle Paul admonished us that the first and foremost living sacrifice that God expects from us is our bodies which is ourselves – the man that Jesus Christ redeemed, bought back with His Blood, not our money, not our gold or silver.

In most of our assemblies, we have exchanged sacrificial, living service with money but it is time to return to our first love by crying for repentance and asking God to purge us of filthiness and remold us to fit for His use.


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